VDT Operators

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In order to use a VDT(also known as a computer monitor) effectively, one must have clear and comfortable vision. If your job requires prolonged terminal operation, (more than one hour in duration each day), you should have a complete visual examination even if you have no complaints or are presently wearing glasses. This is especially important for VDT users who had bifocals or reading glasses prescribed before starting prolonged use of VDTs. It is important to tell your eye doctor that you are a VDT operator. A regular thorough eye examination combined with the details of your working environment will allow your eye doctor to recommend the most appropriate vision therapy for you.

What can be done to make the use of a VDT more effective?

To make the most of a VDT it should be placed in an area in which the room and screen are matched for brightness; the glare from windows, lights and shiny surfaces is reduced to minimum; and the operator is seated 475 mm (19 in.) from the screen. Other factors include the placement of the work copy at a viewing angle comfortable to the operator and the use of chair with an adjustable back and seat.

VDT operatorWhat work habits should a VDT operator adopt?

Proper posture and head position are important in reducing muscle strain. Since the eye muscles must increase their workload when viewing work at close range, work breaks are also important. Generally, a fifteen minute break every two hours of VDT use is recommended. However, these relief strategies will not be as effective if the operator's visual system is not functioning at its best.

What should I do if I experience headaches, fatigue or other changes in vision clarity?

ACT! Arrange for a vision examination as soon as possible if you experience any new or persistent symptoms such as headache, fatigue, dizziness, eyestrain, eye irritation or a change in your vision.