Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus

DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus™

The #1 daily disposable contact lens.

Why are daily disposable contact lenses more superior compared to other contact lenses modalities?

  • Convenience Daily disposable contact lenses are the ultimate in convenience. There is no need to clean, disinfect, or add enzymes to the lenses--just throw them away after each use. Patients will use a fresh, new, and sterile pair every morning. They are also ideal for travelling and sports because there is no need to transport contact lens solutions or cases.
  • Health Benefit: Daily disposable contact lenses eliminate all health issues present with other contact lens systems (conventional, frequent replacement, and 2-weeks). Many studies have shown the use of daily disposables decrease the incidence of contact lens complications. This can be attributed to the fact that daily disposable patients are more compliant. Because the absense of a contact lens case or solution, the temptation to use the same contacts longer than one day is eliminated. Since no contact lense cleaning solutions are involved in daily disposables, the risks of developing an allergic or toxic epithelial reaction from all-in-one solutions is also subsided.
  • Similar Cost vs. 2-Week Disposables A patient who wears two week disposable contact lenses spends approximately $250 in lenses and $100 in solutions every year. This adds up to $350 per year. On the other hand, a Focus Dailies disposable contact patient spends $360 per year (after rebate) for the lenses. This is only a dollar a day for the whole year.

In addition to the cost benefits of DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus™, the design of the lens itself is unique. Focus Dailies are made from Nelfilcon A, a highly biocompatible material that promotes rapid biofilm formation and tear film stability. Further, the lens matrix breaks down in 24 hours, making overwear impossible.

With DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus™ one-day disposables, you'll never have to clean your lenses again.

When you wear a lens for a second or third or tenth day, it has a tendency to get coated. That irritates the ocular surface of the eyelids. By replacing lenses daily, you'll find you can wear your contact lenses more comfortably.

In fact, most patients find the comfort exceeds their current lenses, thanks to the edge design of DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus™, and the acuity is stellar. For most patients, we find the crispness of vision to be better than their current lenses. It's better quality, better health, greater convenience and greater comfort.





DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus™




Daily disposable contact lenses for patients who have allergiesThose patients who don't wear daily disposable lenses may notice that their lenses become coated much earlier in the day because of the increase in mucus production, which the various allergic reactions of the eyes can produce.

Nearly 30% of the American population have allergic eye diseases, and seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (SAC) accounts for about 50% of allergic eye disease. Patients with SAC who wear contact lenses experience discomfort, mostly caused by allergens sticking to the lens surface or by pollen spread to the eyes by hand contact.

Other types of allergic responses are also common:

  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis: Protein deposits on lenses can lead to giant papillary conjunctivitis. Initial symptoms include ocular itching during lens wear and after removal and decreased lens tolerance. Patients experience vision problems from increased lens deposits and displacement from superior lid papillary hypertrophy.
  • Phlyctenulosis: A more unusual but still common problem is the development of an allergy to bacteria that area present on the edge of the eyelid. These bacteria produce toxins, which become trapped in the tears, especially beneath a contact lens. This can lead to phlyctenulosis, a blepharitis-related complication of the cornea and conjunctiva with symptoms of itching, redness and tearing. A white, sterile lesion occurs at the edge of the cornea, causing a foreign body sensation whenever a patient blinks.
  • Solution allergies: Problems also occur with contact lens solution allergies and sensitivities. Although preservatives like thimerosal are history, we still have sensitivities to the benzalkonium chloride and EDTA commonly found in contact lens solutions. Patients who develop allergies or sensitivities to these chemicals can experience redness, itching and discharge, especially when the lens is first inserted. Solutions made for "sensitive eyes" generally contain the same amount of preservatives as other solutions. Patients are miserable, they don't want to wear their glasses and they insist that we do something. With daily disposable lenses, these problems are minimized. Patients don't need to use solutions. Regularly replacing lenses avoids the problem of protein, allergen and toxen buildup.



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